Not too late to start

I have several friends who have always been strong believers of the spirit of open source movement. We remind each other to watch the documentary about Aaron Swartz – The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz, share cheerful news where people gain unexpected benefits because someone is willing to share information, and talk about regretful cases where people suffer longer and more because some information is kept “secret”, while, maybe not totally secret, especially for hackers, just that one who needs that information has no legit access to it.

I must confess that I’m also a “private” person, private in the sense that I talk little about my personal life and feelings unless to a handful of old buddies. However, up until now, I’ve spent the majority of my years in schools, from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, two universities in China, to my third university in America. In these years, I read, listen, observe, take notes, write dairy, express my thoughts and ideas in homework, exams, theses, and emails to professors and fellow students. In other words, I’ve been an “information taker” and benefited a lot from it.

Two things that happened recently were about to change this status. First, I’ve started looking for a job, so I’ve been doing a lot of networking and Information interviews. I fell so grateful to those people who gave me insights into the fields, industries, their companies/organizations, their personal career development experience, and advice for me. I hope to return the favor by also being an “information giver”. Second, I’m preparing for the LEED Credential exam, and came across the phrase “closed system”, which reminded me that I should balance between information taking and giving. It is true that information is non-exclusive so others will not necessarily suffer if I take more and give less, kind of like renewable energy. However, there is an ethnic balance that I feel I’m obligated to achieve.

So here I am. Instead of collecting information and saving them to my hard-drive, I’ll place it in an (legitimately) open platform.


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